Review: ChromaGun (VR)

Authored By Chris Carter

I knew someone had used the "chroma chameleon" tagline as soon as I typed it. But it was only in that split-second directly after letting the ink hit the digital page did I think to Google it: sure enough, our own Josh Tolentino penned it back in 2014.

I'm keeping it.

Review: ChromaGun (VR) screenshot

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PSA: There's a big privacy issue with EA's Origin service

Authored By Kevin McClusky

Apex Legends has been a legitimate phenomenon since it stealth-launched two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it's also brought to light a serious flaw in EA's Origin service concerning personal information and who has access to it. Millions of players who access the game through EA's Origin service may be providing their real names to other players without even realizing it. 

Randi Lee Harper is a Cloud...

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John Romero's SIGIL gets smacked with a delay

Authored By Peter Glagowski

SIGIL, the unofficial fifth episode for the 1993 classic Doom, has been hit with a delay. Announced late last year, John Romero (famed designer from ID Software) set out to create a follow-up to the legendary title in a manner only he could accomplish. Coming out as a free mod with some paid options for super fans, the release had me excited to return to the depths of Hell and see those classic...

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Shovel Knight's final two expansions have been delayed for 'several months'

Authored By Peter Glagowski

It's been a little while since we last heard about Shovel Knight's final two expansions, King of Cards and Showdown. Despite numerous delays, the games were set to release in early April to close out the Shovel Knightsaga. Sadly, developer Yacht Club Games has hit a bit of a snag. Due to wishing that both titles would be available on their respective platforms' physical releases, both titles have...

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Contest: Win a PDP LVL50 Headset

Authored By Wes Tacos

Upgrade your gaming setup with today's contest: Win a PDP LVL50 Headset for your PS4 or Xbox One!

Winning free games is pretty cool, but honestly I much prefer the times when I can give away cool physical stuff. It's just so much more fun! Except the shipping part. That's not all that much fun. But I do it anyway, because I love you guys.

Today we've got PDP's LVL50 Headset up for grabs, one each...

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