Fallout 76 update will increase troubling stash capacity

Authored By Chris Moyse

Bethesda has responded to concerns from players - currently wandering the wastelands in new post-apocalyptic adventure Fallout 76 - that the maximum amount of stash slots just aren't realistic enough for all of the gubbins they want to carry.

Though the stash box weight limit stands at 400, which sounds like a pretty high number, many players are finding that it simply isn't enough, particularly...

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'Fix PUBG' campaign ends with a whimper and a promise of more fixes

Authored By Peter Glagowski

A few months back, PUBG Corp announced a bug fix campaign called "Fix PUBG." The goal was to identify problems with the once popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and fix them in a timely manner. If you've played PUBGrecently, you'll know first hand that the campaign hasn't done well. There are still issues with desync and stability and while the game is in a much better place than last year, it...

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As Splatoon 2's salsa battle continues, Europe gets dreadful new splatfest topic

Authored By Chris Moyse

Right now in North America, the Splatoon 2 community are battling it out on the Nintendo Switch shooter in the latest head-to-head splatfest. Later on today we'll find out exactly which is the best chip dip, Salsa or Guacamole.

However, we Europeans shouldn't feel left out, as Nintendo has graced us with our own God-awful topic with which to draw a line in the sand (or cream) and face off. This...

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R-Type's iconic Dobkeratops boss getting awesome Figma release

Authored By Chris Moyse

For me, and many other older video game players, there are some enemies and bosses that are well-knit into the fabric of gaming memories. Creatures and characters that you saw persistently in magazine screenshots and print ads, repeatedly used to market and advertise games vying for your pocket money.

One such visual image is the first level boss of Irem's legendary shmup R-Type. Dobkeratops, the...

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$199 PS4 Spider-Man bundle, tons of Black Friday deals now live

Authored By Dealzon

The early bird catches the worm - or however the saying goes, is true to form for Black Friday shopping. Numerous PlayStation 4 Black Friday deals have already gone live at Walmart and GameStop and if you've been waiting to pull the trigger on a PS4 system - now is as good of a time as any.

The popular PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Spider-ManBundle is now available for $199.99 at Walmart and other...

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