Quick Look: Cadence of Hyrule

Authored By Matt W
It's dangerous to go alone, take this sick beat!
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Trials of Mana was E3's most magical surprise

Authored By Chris Hovermale

Everyone tunes into E3 with a list of wishes because there are few feelings as exciting as that wish coming true. Setting one’s expectations that high is unrealistic, but I personally don’t believe it’s healthy to set your hopes as low as your expectations either. For example, over the past half-decade, my most far-fetched wish has been to play Phantasy Star Online 2 on consoles. Microsoft’s...

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Giant Bombcast 588: Tingle Gave Me His Dowser!

Authored By Matt W
This week we do some post-E3 housekeeping and run down our favorite moments of the show, gush at length about Cadence of Hyrule, express bafflement at all this automatic chess, and take a ton of your emails!
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Contest: Win a Blu-ray copy of Jordan Peele's Us

Authored By Wes Tacos

We've got a Blu-ray copy of Jordan Peele's Us to give away -- come enter our contest to nab it!

Jordan Peele is kind of on fire right now. His debut feature, Get Out, drew in accolades left and right (and made some decent money in the process). His follow-up, Us, had some big shoes to fill. I think it did just fine for itself.

You can win a Blu-ray copy by entering today's contest! Just don't...

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Planet Zoo is a modern take on Zoo Tycoon and it's giving me life

Authored By Jordan Devore

We've gone entirely too long without a new PC game that captures the magic of the original Zoo Tycoon, but with Planet Zoothis year, Frontier Developments is looking to set things right for neglected fans. It's a management sim in which you'll learn about a range of real-world species, design their enclosures piece-by-piece, and strive to meet their specific needs to keep them happy and healthy....

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