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10 video game sequels that were better than the original

April 28, 2021 1 min read

Doesn't matter which medium you're working with, sequels can be pretty bad. From low-budget cash-grabs to a follow-up that ruins the original work entirely, there are plenty of ways that they can disappoint. Video games have certainly had their fair share of duds, but there have also been plenty of sequels that were so good, they've gone on to become more famous than their predecessors.

All through this list, these games were groundbreaking for their genre, and provided something players had never seen before. With the sequel, the developers took the opportunity to improve upon the foundation they had already built, refining and honing the pre-existing mechanics of the original game to make for an even better experience than before. We wish this is how things could always be, but hey, at least they got these ones right, huh?

Just a note: we're only dealing with direct sequels here, so we'll have to leave titles like Fallout: New Vegas and GTA V for another day. Now, let's check out the list of the ten best video game sequels that were even better than the originals.

10 video game sequels that were better than the original screenshot