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Xbox Live Prices Going Up For Some

Depending on where you live, you may want to pick up some Xbox Live membership cards soon. 

A number of countries are seeing their Xbox Live prices double or even triple as Microsoft makes "adjustments based on currency inflation." Game Informer has provided a handy list:

South Africa: going to R159 per month (a little more than $10 in US dollars).

Hungary: 2,000 Ft (Approximately $7.19 per month)

Israel: 37.99 ILS (Approximately $10.05 per month)

Sweden: 79 kr (Approximately $9.58 per month)

Turkey: 18.99 TL (Approximately $6.40 per month)

Austria's price is going up as well, but just how much isn't confirmed yet. 

I get my renewal cards here, if you're interested.


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