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18 indie games to look forward to in 2018

January 21, 2018 1 min read

First of all, these are only games with an announced 2018 release date. None of this "when it's ready" stuff (I'm looking at you, Into the Breach). In fact, if all of these games don't release in 2018...I'll play through Troll and I again. That's how you know I mean business.

Oh please god let all of these games release this year...

I do this list each year, and I'm never sure how many games to include. This year, I figured 18 is a great number since, well, it's 2018! Plus, due to the aforementioned "they better come out or so help me" rule, I figured the fewer the better. So here are the games to mark on your calendars this year.

18 indie games to look forward to in 2018 screenshot