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50 Cent is interested in making another game

January 21, 2018 1 min read

50 Cent: Blood on the Sandis possibly the greatest video game to ever tell the hardships of a man trying to retrieve his stolen property. But, it seems Fiddy himself has some new ideas for a third game -- just as long as the game is “unique,” and in whatever shape it takes, “extreme.”

In an interview with GameSpot, promoting the new movieDen of Thieves, 50 Cent discussed his interest in a third game and shared the idea of a concept similar to that ofTomorrow, Today,an upcoming show on Starz. The show is based on a screenplay, written by Fiddy, about a prisoner who gets experimented on in an attempt to create the perfect human -- resulting in a crime-fighting superhero who also happens to be on the run from the police.

50 Cent is interested in making another game screenshot