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A brief buying guide for the original Nintendo DS

October 29, 2017 1 min read

The Nintendo 3DS is gradually being put out to pasture, now that it's bulkier, flashier half-brother is taking over. We're bidding adieu to a console that had a pretty impressive back catalogue, and dominated the handheld market for a good number of years. 

But what if you're not ready to say goodbye? What if you want to get more use out of the little pocketbook marvel? Or what if you want to get an older console for the first time? Well, the 3DS is backwards compatible with the original DS's games, and if you never tried those out, then you're missing something special.

[For where to buy the games/hardware, I've linked to Amazon and eBay sellers, but that's not an endorsement for buying off of these sites – you might find better deals elsewhere.]

A brief buying guide for the original Nintendo DS screenshot