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(Update) A complete history of Mighty No. 9's unseen 3DS and Vita ports, and the hunt to find out what happened

August 10, 2018 2 min read

[Update:It seems like this story was a call to arms for at least one involved party, and might be the final nail in the coffin of this years-long saga.

After weeks of attempts I was able to get in contact with Engine Software, who took over port duties after the Abstraction Games debacle. Ruud van de Moosdijk, VP of development, provided the following statement, qualifying that the company was "bound by contractual confidentiality" and therefore can't answer any questions regarding the development status of Mighty No. 9: "we are no longer working on these ports so all future inquiries should be directed to Comcept." Boom. As of right now all third-party ties that we know of have been cut. The ball rests solely in Comcept's (and thus, Level-5's) court.

I was also able to get a comment from 8-4, who was listed as a translator for Mighty No. 9. Here's the response I received from an unnamed rep: "We were involved with Mighty No. 9 super early on in the project (the Kickstarter itself, plus some initial script work), but we haven’t really had anything to do with it since, sorry. So unfortunately we don't have any comment on the situation."

Backers deserve an explanation and one day Comcept will have to answer for this, but for now it's safe to say that the project is secretly dead or still in limbo.]

I won't rest until the Mighty No. 9 saga is finally completed. After tracking down multiple companies to find out what happened to physical Kickstarter rewards a year after the game's launch in 2017, following a lack of communication on all fronts, I was galvanized to see this entire situation through.

But it's not over yet.

Just in case you haven't heard, Comcept still hasn't released the 3DS and Vita ports from its Kickstarter campaign. Though it would be easy to assume they were quietly canned, even as recently as late 2017 developer Comcept explained that the ports were on track. It's coming up on one year now with zero updates, and some backers I've spoken to specifically funded the campaign due to these ports.

On top of my experience covering this project for nearly five years, I've spent the last several months researching the entire 3DS and Vita situation from top to bottom. Here's what I came up with.

(Update) A complete history of Mighty No. 9's unseen 3DS and Vita ports, and the hunt to find out what happened screenshot