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A fighter's guide for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

March 03, 2020 1 min read

Granblue Fantasy: Versusis finally out, and if you've read our review, you should have a solid idea of how it works compared to other fighting games. Granblue Fantasy: Versus, I think, succeeds in making every character feel distinct in their playstyle and preferred strategy. You'll just need to take some time testing each of them in the training mode to really figure out which fighter is right for you.

If you pick based on aesthetics alone, then it may be easier to pick the seductive Metera or the edgelord Vaseraga. But if you want to figure out who best fits you in terms of playstyle like keepaway, rushdown, or mixup, then here is a general overview of every initial character from launch, from someone who has been at the game since it first debuted overseas.

I’ll go over each character from the launch roster, in a simplified explanation of how they play, and important moves they’ll be relying on. Damage is high, so matches can end quickly if you guess wrong a few times in a row. Plus, there’s not a lot of distance to the corner, so a good chunk of a match is going to be spent either doling out or suffering through some especially powerful corner combos.

A fighter's guide for Granblue Fantasy: Versus screenshot