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A Gravity Rush movie is reportedly in development

August 22, 2022 2 min read

Gravity Rush

Sony can't stop, won't stop with the adaptations

PlayStation Productions seems to be on a roll with new projects, as another movie adaptation of a Sony IP is apparently moving forward. Deadline reports that a film based on Gravity Rush is in development.

According to Deadline, PlayStation Productions and Scott Free Productions have launched development. Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second Born Royals) looks to be attached as director, with Emily Jerome on the script.

Gravity Rush is the pushing-and-pulling action-adventure series from Sony Japan Studio, where protagonist Kat can bend gravity to her will. She fights monsters, defends her hometown, and also does the occasional odd job for others.


Deadline says it's not clear who will produce the Gravity Rush film as of yet. Distribution is also apparently unclear.

Rushing to the silver screen

Gravity Rushjust adds to the rapidly growing list of PlayStation IP productions in development. Alongside the Gravity Rush film, we also heard from Deadline's report last week that Sony is planning on a Days Gone film.

It's not just film adaptations, either. Twisted Metal has a series in development, and reports of Horizon and God of War series have also popped up. Plus, The Last of Us just got a first-look clip in an HBO sizzle reel.

The Gravity Rushmovie news is actually pretty exciting, as I personally think this series would make the jump to film pretty well. It's got a good basis for some cozy, feel-good, slice-of-life moments. And Kat's gravity powers could make for pretty exciting action setpieces.

There's the stinger of Sony Japan's down-scaling, though, as that deflates any of my hopes for some new Gravity Rush around this. Regardless, it looks like Sony is carrying on with adapting a ton of its properties into film and TV. It's anyone's guess as to what could or could not be next.

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