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A handful of games Josh actually played (and enjoyed) in 2018

December 30, 2018 1 min read

I never fail to panic every time I realize Game of the Year season is coming up, but 2018’s frenzy was especially intense because, as I considered my favorite games (and anime, because that’s how I do this piece every year) I realized that for the life of me, I couldn’t remember a single thing from 2018 I had played or watched!

Of course, this claim is objectively untrue. I *did* play a number of games and watch a number of anime series in the year 2018. That said, actually *finishing* anything I wasn’t under a professional obligation to see through was the real challenge, and as it turns out, being left unfinished tends to have a deleterious effect on a game or show’s memorability.

As to why all that happened, complications ranged from changing circumstances at my day job reducing my free time, to taking up *way* too many new time-sucking mobile games, to the increasing irrelevance of Japan’s seasonal broadcast pattern in the age of streaming and binge-batch licensing. Whatever the excuse, the result is a ton of things on my award shortlist that were left undone on the to-do list.

Let it never be said, however, that an unfinished game can't have some kind of impact, which should at least be enough for a silly little personal list like this.


A handful of games Josh actually played (and enjoyed) in 2018 screenshot