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A (Hopefully) Final Update On Those Hockey Jerseys

May 03, 2018 2 min read

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Hey everyone! The long saga of our hockey jerseys is nearly at an end. We are being told at this point that the latest these jerseys *should* begin shipping to you is 5/11/2018, which means most of you will hopefully begin receiving them over the course of the following week. We will email you with tracking information as they begin leaving the warehouse. If you ordered a hockey jersey you will be receiving an email about this soon; please reply to that email (or email orders@socialimprints.com) if you need to change your shipping address; please include your order number if you do so.

We apologize for all of the delays on the jerseys! We are working with a new manufacturing partner on these jerseys and while we originally were assured that they would be able to handle the large volume order by the end of April, that timeframe obviously slipped significantly from what we originally expected. To that end, we will be refunding all shipping costs for all of your orders. If you would prefer to be issued a refund for your order entirely, please reply to orders@socialimprints.com no later than Monday, 5/7, and we will cancel your order and refund your original purchase.

Again, we apologize for all of the delays here. We are told the extra time was required to ensure that these jerseys were of a quality level that matched the original samples that we received, and we've always been of the mind that we'd prefer to make a quality product rather than rush these jerseys out to match a shipping date. It has definitely been a learning experience, but hopefully we'll have these on their way to you within the next two weeks.