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A Kingdom Hearts style Cloud FFVII Remake mod is an easy download

July 01, 2022 1 min read

Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod

It's based on the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT model

A Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod that brings the KH aesthetic into Final Fantasy VII Remake is something I always needed — and only just got. I mean, it only makes sense with Nomura connected to both!

Crafted by ColossalCake (great name, I could use a colossal cake this weekend) and housed on NexusMods, the Kingdom Hearts Cloud mod is simple and breezy, and swaps the core character model of Cloud for the one featured in Kingdom Hearts. That includes his memorable little infernal wing and red scarf, as well as the extremely Nomura-heavy bandaged sword. As the creator puts it:

"Cloud as redesigned in Kingdom Hearts. I chose to remove his cape however, as there wasn't any clean way for it to be supported by the armature. His sword is also mostly the original FFVII:R mesh, with the bandages adapted on top."

Apparently most of the texture legwork was done by Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, with adjustments done by the modder. At this point, the Final Fantasy VII Remake modding scene has multiple pipelines and paths to success, with mesh importers and modding tools available to help ease the process. It's great! You love to see modding communities come together.

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