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A look to Remedy's past is probably a great indicator of what's in Remedy's future

May 30, 2017 1 min read

Seated in a Krakow convention center last week to watch Remedy Entertainment's creative director Sam Lake give a presentation on unifying themes, the audience was treated to something it certainly didn't expect: A partial striptease. Lake got down to his undershirt to cosplay as Max Payne while talking about that game; he did the same thing while discussing Alan Wake.

There's a reason Lake does this, more than for sheer entertainment value (although that definitely plays a role too). He's about to dissect each of Remedy's past titles, minus Death Rally, in a way that explains how they all have character-centric stories; how all these video games take another medium's structure; and how they all blur the in-game realities. These wardrobe changes are a meta play on that last one. Lake's blurring the lines of his presentation by dressing up as the characters he's discussing.

It's a fascinating talk, one that we'll probably post when the Digital Dragons organizers upload it to YouTube. It's particularly interesting because it points out all the ways that Remedy's games have the exact same pillars every single time. Lake starts with the big one: "We want to create iconic characters. Our bar has always been in as high-quality characters and stories as we can make. Because we make action games, the motifs and conflicts of these characters are the springboard for action. Heightened, exaggerated and we always bring a layer of genre elements as we allow to explore different genres -- pulp fiction or supernatural elements or science fiction," he says.

A look to Remedy's past is probably a great indicator of what's in Remedy's future screenshot