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A My Nintendo Kirby keychain is being teased

August 22, 2022 2 min read

My Nintendo Kirby keychain

It's for Kirby's Dream Buffet

[Update: In what is easily one of the longest waits between My Nintendo merch announcements and a release date, Nintendo has released the Kirby's Dream Buffet keychain into the wild on December 22, 2022. You can find it here for 600 Platinum Points.]

A My Nintendo Kirby keychain is in the pipeline and will come out in the near future, a new My Nintendo post has revealed.

In typical my Nintendo fashion it's only done in passing on a post about the greater Kirby franchise, but we do know the design (pictured here) and that it'll be celebrating Kirby's Dream Buffet. Typically, this means that the reward is roughly a week out. While there are no keychains currently for sale, they've ranged from 400 to 800 Platinum Points in the past.

If you don't want to wait, there's a printable (digital file) pop-up card for Kirby's Dream Buffet that you can get now. It'll cost you 30 Platinum Points. Nintendo also reminds everyone that the recent Kirby 30th anniversary concert is now online, and there's a Dream Buffet wallpaper reward available.

As a reminder, if you want physical rewards, you can find our full Platinum Point guide here, which has been updated with details on weekly missions: bookmark it for when you need quick points for a reward. A handful of points is incredibly easy to get, as that’s basically just 15 minutes with Super Mario Run, or a quick sign-on to the 3DS or Wii U 3Shop. Also remember that any shipments are bundled together, so you can pay a flat rate for multiple items instead of paying it each time. Just know that items go out of stock on My Nintendo frequently, and some are never restocked.

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