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A new open-world multiplayer Dune game is coming from Funcom

February 27, 2019 1 min read

Developer Funcom is working with Legendary Studios to develop a new open-world, multiplayer title based on the Dune series. Set to enter pre-production sometime this year, the game is the first in a line of multiple Dune projects that Funcom will be working on. The company has entered a six-year licensing agreement with Legendary and it seems this first title will be released to promote the upcoming Denis Villeneuve directed Dune film.

These new Dunetitles will be released on both PC and consoles, though no specific platforms have been named. Considering the Dune film isn't set to release until next year, we could be looking at PS5 and Xbox Two (?) as the lead platforms. The games will likely see appearances from the film's stars, which include Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard, and Oscar Isaac.

I don't have a large history with the previous Dune games, but I do remember really digging 2001's Emperor: Battle for Dune. I think it's a crying shame that Westwood Studios went under after creating such wonderful strategy games. While I don't like the sound of a multiplayer focused entry, I can only imagine that Funcom is actively seeking some way to bring back the RTS Dune titles. Maybe we can finally get back the legacy that was lost.

A new open-world multiplayer Dune game is coming from Funcom screenshot