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[Update] A PC RPG 22 years in the works has missed release day...again

August 02, 2017 2 min read

[Update: For the last two days I have been checking the Grimoire Steam page frequently only to find this morning that holy crap, it has actually been released! The game is now available with a 10% discount. The sale ends August 11th so if you've been waiting to get your incline on, this might be the best time; Cleve has claimed that this will be the only time the game will ever have a sale. Not much word yet on how good a game in the works for 20 years is, but it's finally out and available for purchase!]

Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar has to go down in history alongside Duke Nukem Forever and others as having one of the longest development cycles for any video game, ever. Headed by Cleve Blakemore of Golden Era Games, ex Sir-Tech employee, a company responsible for the Wizardry series of computer RPGs, and eccentric madman with an extensive history of software development under his belt, Grimoire in Cleve's opinion is going to be the "best RPG ever made." Inspired by the Wizardry games of old, including other dungeon crawling "blobber" first-person PC RPGs, the art style and presentation is not made intentionally to reflect the look of those old games; it IS those old games, having started development in the late nineties, enduring a troubled Indiegogo campaign several years ago that raised over ten thousand dollars, and being announced as completed several times over the span of a decade much to the disappointment of backers and fans when the game ultimately failed to be released.

Most recently it was announced for release on Steam back in June after being on Steam Greenlight and has since missed the mark several times since its original release date of July 7 of this year. Cleve continuously cites bug fixes as the reason for this, stating that he wants the game to be "perfect" upon release. But frequently announcing firm dates and then announcing that more bugs have been found, or that the game has to go through the Steam approval process again is making people anxious and frustrated.

[Update] A PC RPG 22 years in the works has missed release day...again screenshot