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A Pokemon Go player caught their millionth Pokemon

November 19, 2019 1 min read

How does one go about catching a literal million Pokémon in Pokémon Go? Very patiently.

A Japanese player by the name of Kyarorina recently broke the unfathomable one-million-catch mark in Pokémon Go. I'm sitting here in awe, thinking back on all the Pokémon I've assembled across the entire series and how that number is an insignificant speck compared to this ridiculous accomplishment.

"To put this into perspective, it's a little over 800 catches a day since the game's launch," saidYouTuber Reversal. "He hits the catch cap pretty much every single day with doing 100 trades as well whilst maintaining a daytime job." Another astounding fact: Kyarorina has over 185 million Stardust.

I think an official shout-out is in order. This player embodies the Pokémon theme song.

@yama1989DD, @ReversalYouTube [Twitter via GO Hub]

A Pokemon Go player caught their millionth Pokemon screenshot