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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OLED Switch is coming in November

September 07, 2022 1 min read

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OLED 0

It's out on November 4

Alongside of the new trailer, Nintendo has revealed a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OLED model, which is set to debut on November 4.

Right now information is slim, but the trailer did provide a full look at the system, including the dock, which will be emblazoned with images of legendary Pokemon Koraidon & Miraidon. The back will feature a colorful interpretation of the starter Pokemon, while the Joy-Con sport a scarlet and violet scheme, with the logos for each game [the school logos for the Naranja and Uva academies] on their respective controllers. Nintendo has confirmed to Destructoid that it will feature 64GB of internal storage, and will MSRP at $359.99.

A new piece of special edition hardware is customary for most major mainline Pokemon releases, so this was expected at some point: but maybe not as a shadow drop during a non-livestream trailer event. Also note that the special OLED is coming on November 4, which is a full two weeks before the launch of the pair of games on November 18. You can find a full gallery of all the shots below.

It's also important to remember that Nintendo also released a Splatoon 3 OLED model this year. It came out on August 26, and is currently going for upwards of $400+ on the secondary market (the MSRP was $359.99).


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet OLED trailer and gallery:


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