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A Quiet Place has the second best opening of the year

April 09, 2018 1 min read

Studios are learning a pretty good lesson recently: if you make good horror movies people will show up. The obvious proof of this is IT, but backing that thesis up is this weekend's $50 million for the stellar A Quiet Place. That's the best Friday-Sunday opening for any movie this year not called Black Panther, including the likes of Ready Player One. Not too shabby for a movie that cost only $17 million to make. 

The Flixist staff was actually just discussing the fact that we're in a bit of a horror renaissance at the moment. In the past few years filmmakers of all kinds are tackling the genre, and bringing new and exciting things to it after what felt like a decade of stagnation. It's a good time to get scared at the movies, that's for sure.

Lets also point out that Blockers had a really solid box office as well, coming in third over the weekend. The film is far funnier than you'd think for a movie starring John Cena and involving what seems like a terrible out-of-date premise (hint: it doesn't play out like you think). If you're looking for a comedy at some point you can do far, far, far worse. 

A Quiet Place has the second best opening of the year screenshot