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Addicting Games launches Game Pass Subscription Service

April 10, 2020 1 min read

[This week Destructoid is brought to you by Addicting Games. Here's a quick note from our sponsor.]

Addicting Games is a household name in the world of browser and games for the web. Since the early 2000s, AG has been working with small indie developers to bring their games to a larger audience. These partnerships have resulted in a number of big hits, like the famed Impossible Quiz, Pandemic 2 and Bloons.

In the last year, AG has rebuilt their games portal from the ground up. The new website is mobile friendly and features all their biggest hits converted HTML5. This week, they launched their Game Pass, a subscription service that grants members access to an ad-free experience, along with early access to exclusive titles. The service is $2.49 per month if you purchase a yearly subscription.

"The exposure on AG is good, seeing thousands of players try my games always brings a sense of fulfillment," Mathew Hobbs, an indie game developer, said. "Working with AG has been very smooth, the use of slack makes any problems I have quickly resolved within an hour or so," Hobbes said.

Addicting Games launches Game Pass Subscription Service screenshot