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Akiba’s Trip studio Acquire is having a showcase stream soon

May 31, 2022 1 min read

Acquire showcase

June 5 at 7AM ET

An Acquire (the Akiba's Trip studio) showcase is coming, helping to kick off "E3" a bit earlier this year, on June 5 at 7AM ET.

The news was announced via their Twitter account, and they're taking questions, provided that you use the hashtag "#アクワイアへの質問." As a reminder, we have a full list of all of the "E3" streams for June 2022 here, and Acquire is actually one of the first, which will help kick things off. Before them, Sony is doing their thing with a State of Play on June 2, followed by a June 9 Summer Game Fest kickoff.

Acquire is one of those Japanese companies that's been around forever, quietly making games. It blew up immediately after the release of Tenchu 1 and 2, before the series was taken away from them shortly after (oh what could have been). From there they continued down a similar path with Way of the Samurai and Shinobido, before hitting it big in 2011 with Akiba's Trip.

Since then they've been collaborating with various studios (including doing some co-development work on Octopath Traveler), and supplementing their income with multiple Akiba's Trip titles. As Gematsu points out, we can expect at least one new reveal following a leak: Class of Heroes Quest.

Where to watch the Acquire June 2022 showcase:


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