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Alan Wake is back on Steam

October 25, 2018 1 min read

In May 2017, Alan Wake was taken off digital storefronts. Remedy's 2010 thriller had expiring music licenses that Microsoft couldn't re-up. As such, Alan Wake was pulled from PC stores (such as Steam and Humble) and the Xbox store.

In a new surprising twist, Alan Wake sees the light of day again. Microsoft has managed to re-license that music, meaning the game can once again be sold. It's already on Steam at a sale price of $3. GOG has the same deal. An Xbox listing is presumably coming soon. Alan Wake, once gone, is back.

And what a perfectly appropriate time for Alan Wake to reappear. Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption are forever inextricably linked because they both launched on May 18, 2010. Red Deadmost certainly cannibalized a good chunk of Alan Wake's prospective sales. Now, on the eve of Red Dead Redemption 2's launch, Alan Wake is again in our lives. History is doomed to repeat itself, time is a flat circle.

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