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All video game conventions should happen near an aquarium

October 27, 2018 1 min read

You don't necessarily flock to a video game convention expecting to see fish, but if someone makes the offhand suggestion to hit up a nearby aquarium and the pitch has time to simmer, before you know it, you're committed to spending $35 per person to see some real good fish (but not an extra $2 between three people to get a brochure with tantalizing fish facts). This week, a few of us at Destructoid found our way to Toronto, home of tasty food, friendly faces, decked-out gaming bars, a certain towering concrete monument that mesmerizes out-of-towners, and the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo.

When we noticed there was an aquarium right next door to EGLX, Chris, Brett, and I knew we had to drop in before the weekend was up. When I saw it was specifically Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, I had a secret side mission: to also check out some little mummies and various dubious-at-best artifacts.

We saw a lotta cool animals on the excursion and you better believe I found my mummies. Video games and aquatic life? An unexpectedly great pairing. Sometimes silly ideas escalate before you fully think them through and you just have to roll with 'em. With that in mind, here are Destructoid's favorite fish.

All video game conventions should happen near an aquarium screenshot