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Amazon's exclusive Corrin amiibo is up right now

July 21, 2017 1 min read

And with that, all of the confirmed exclusive amiibo are done (for now). GameStop's Cloud and Best Buy's Bayonetta are already done and dusted as of this morning, and just minutes ago Amazon unleashed Corrin P2 into the world.

If Skyward Sword Link (their last exclusive) is anything to go by, this figure will sell out in roughly 30 minutes or less -- but given that Fire Emblem isn't as popular as Zelda (and her usage is a little more limited, game-wise), it might go a little longer. Still, if you're a collector you probably don't want to take a chance.

As a reminder this is another Prime exclusive figure, so go grab a trial real quick if you need one. Don't fret too much if you miss out though, as she's one of the cheaper imports of the recent Smash bunch.

As of today the Smash line is finally complete! I know a lot of you out there have been doing for the full Smash collection, so good luck.

Corrin P2 [Amazon]

Amazon's exclusive Corrin amiibo is up right now screenshot