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Angry Mob to release physical edition of Brawlout on Switch

February 06, 2018 1 min read

Angry Mob Games' party-based fighting title, Brawlout, is to get a physical release on Nintendo Switch, the developer announced. The retail release will be published by Merge Games.

Brawlout is a manic slapfest in the style of the super-popular Smash Bros. series. It features a cast of colourful anthropomorphic characters duking it out in frenzied 4 player battles. The object of the fight is to where your opponents down with a flurry of combo-based attacks, then smash blast them clean off of the stage in order to secure glorious victory.

"Brawlout had such an amazing reception on Nintendo Switch, with a dedicated community of over 80K players in its first month alone." said Angry Mob CEO Bogdan Iliesiu in a press statement. "It's impressive, and humbling, to see people throw themselves so wholeheartedly into Brawlout, and we hope to cater to even more types of gamers with the physical release!

Brawlout should be hitting high-street stores in early May. In the meantime, the game is available to download on Switch and PC. PS4 and Xbox One editions are scheduled for release sometime this year.

Angry Mob to release physical edition of Brawlout on Switch screenshot