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Animal Farm is getting a game...no, really

September 06, 2017 2 min read

1984 might be the most popular novel written by George Orwell, but Animal Farm, Orwell's allegorical take on the Russian Revolution of 1917, is also fondly remembered for being batshit crazy and fairly eye opening. Using animals as stand-ins for many political figures, the novel took a deep look at Stalinism and how destructive political figureheads can be for the world. It is ranked as one of the greatest pieces of English literature and is typically a staple in high school curriculums.

So, why not turn that into a video game? Fully endorsed by the estate of George Owell, Animal Farm is getting an "adventure tycoon" styled game. You play as one of the animals in the Manor Farm prior to the events of the revolution. In the words of the developer behind the game:

"The Animal Farm game will be an adventure-tycoon, placing the player in the Manor Farm as one of the animals just before the revolution, and will follow their journey through the ups and downs of Animalism. The gameplay will combine story choices and the running of the farm into a consistent narrative, giving players a chance to experience the consequences of their decisions first hand."

The team behind the game is assembled by many industry veterans, including such people as Imre Jele (founder of Bossa Studios, which has published Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread), Georg Backer (who worked on Brave Plan and Fable), Andy Payne (founder of Just Flight), Kate Saxon (who worked on Mafia 3, Alien: Isolation and The Witcher 3) and Jessica Curry (of The Chinese Room). They clearly have some development chops under their belts.

Animal Farm is getting a game...no, really screenshot