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Are you going to be picking up Switch ports like Skyrim?

November 01, 2017 2 min read

Skyrim is that game that just won't die.

Not that I'm bitter that Bethesda didn't choose Morrowind for that task or anything (man, if only we could get a remaster of that every generation; I want to live in an HD Balmora!), but it's been ported so many different times that it's hard to keep track at this point -- especially if you count all the major updates like that Dragon Shout Kinect patch for Xbox (remember that?).

It's poised to make a splash yet again with the large install base of the Nintendo Switch, and after a lot of teasing, it's finally arriving on the system in mid-November. The question is, do you want it?

As always, if you're a "Nintendo-only" gamer, it makes a lot of sense why you'd want in on this wave. You've missed out on just about every Bethesda release for years on end, so you can finally join the party and see what all of the fuss is about -- even if you aren't even into the idea of a game like this.

But for everyone else, I'm willing to bet you're suffering from Skyrim fatigue. I was at the midnight launch and stayed up all night to beat the campaign, slowly making my way through the rest of the content/achievements months later. Then came the PC mods, and eventually, the Special Edition touched up version on current edition consoles. It's a lot!

While I'm anxious to play the Switch edition and see what amiibo support and Joy-Con can bring to the table, I don't think I'll be going for a 100% clear, if you know what I mean. What about you though?

Are you going to be picking up Switch ports like Skyrim? screenshot