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Are you super obsessed with PC Gaming? Come write for us

August 28, 2018 2 min read

Real quick - our sister site PCInvasion.com is looking for additional assistant news writers to join the ranks.  We are specifically looking for deep, frothing, absolutely skeptical and cunning bastards to size up everything that is going on in the hardcore PC scene.  

The ideal candidate is buying 3+ current PC games a month, and you still have Diablo II installed with high res mods. Maybe you vomited a little playing Descent. You have a T-shaped BNC adapter as a keychain or beer bottle opener.  You have PC Parts picker bookmarked in your memory-optimized web browser, read PC news websites founded in the copper era, and have equal parts fire hazard, actual hair, and honest pride about a certain cable nest in their home that can resolve any tricky matters. I'm not looking for a grizzled neckbeard in particular, but someone that has been into PC gaming for a really long time and overflows with that passion.

Your Steam overfloweth. 

You bought Optane memory and rebuilt your computer ten times to make it work. There's some weird DOS stuff you still play through batch files and virtualization. You own a Commander Taco shirt. You have a PC Master Race bumper sticker. You spend three times the amount of time tinkering with the visual settings than actually playing the first hour of the game, just to make sure the console equivalent is laughably archaic. You watch the PC Gaming Show at E3 and want to chew the arm off your sofa. You love PC Gaming so much that it's bordering on unhealthy, possessive, and negatively affecting your Reddit karma. Bonus if you're extra weird and oppressed but still human and kind. That's our writer.

Is any of that you? Come write for us. Paid gig based on experience, some review codes and regional travel perks based on your location, and some of your stuff may appear on Destructoid. Please mention your typical hours of availability and what city/country you're in, and must be of legal working age. We'd love to find someone who can work from home, or secretly work for us at their day job because you're dying to get fired anyway (please don't put your family at risk). If you can get away with that, awesome. We need you sneaking around between 9am-3pm EST. Or just weekends, let us know which.

Gigs [at] EnthusiastGaming [dot] com. If we don't get back to you asap I'll file your resume for the next one.  For the love of Gabe Newell please send writing samples, I seriously have zero interest in about your resume. Everybody lies, and some people don't even lick the underside of yogurt cup lids. 

Are you super obsessed with PC Gaming?  Come write for us screenshot