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Arena brawler Skelly Selest is destined for my Switch

May 02, 2019 1 min read

Next time you're in a Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeonsorta mood but you're craving something a little lighter, think of Skelly Selest. It's a classic skeleton-against-the-world tale.

Skelly Selestis part roguelite dungeon-crawler, part arena-clearing shooter. It's already out on Steam for five bucks, and soon enough it'll release on consoles (which is how I found out about it). PS4 is up first on May 21, followed by Xbox One and oh goodness yes Nintendo Switch on May 24.

The trailer has me pretty much convinced.

What else? Oh, right. There's even a baked-in collectible card game tribute to Final Fantasy's Triple Triad. That's probably not going to sell anyone in and of itself, but as an unexpected bonus, it's appreciated.

Visually, this game reminds me of a Sega Genesis cult classic the kind of game whose box I'd inspect on multiple trips to a video rental store before finally committing. Love those barfing green skeletons.

Total Carnagemight've had Pleasure Domes, but in 2019, we're all about Flesh Gardens. I hear they're lovely this time of year.

Arena brawler Skelly Selest is destined for my Switch screenshot