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Arma Reforger hits PC and Xbox, will pave the way for Arma 4

May 18, 2022 2 min read

arma reforger early access

Farewell to Arma

Bohemia Interactive has revealed a brand new title in its military shooter franchise, Arma. Now in Early Access on PC and Xbox Series X, Arma Reforger will serve as a "stepping stone" of sorts to the upcoming Arma 4, which is also currently in development at the Czech gaming studio.

Arma Reforger will serve two purposes for both the developer and the Arma community. Firstly, it will provide a standalone, open-world adventure with which to lay both the background, mood, and gameplay of the next mainline sequel. Secondly, it will allow players, modders, and the developer itself to get to grips with the all-new Enfusion engine, which hopes to provide the series with its tightest, most immersive, and most thrilling experience to date.


Players will return to the mid-Atlantic island of Everon, which fans will recognize from Arma: Cold War Assault. Players can engage in epic multiplayer battles as Allied or Soviet forces, or use the Game Master mode to create their own unique scenarios, missions, and events — which can then be played out by invited parties or by your good self. Arma Reforger will offer up intense war-torn combat, complete with side objectives, a heavy arsenal of weapons and vehicles, and a variety of atmospheric battlefields.


An important part of the Arma universe, Bohemia Interactive hopes to ensure that community workshopping is better than ever before, with players creating all manner of custom content on both PC and Xbox platforms. Arma Reforger's Workshop and Workbench modes will provide players with the very tools used to make the game itself, giving fans the opportunity to get to grips with modding the series' powerful new Enfusion Engine. Of course, your content can then be shared with the community.

Arma Reforger looks to be a training ground of sorts for Arma 4, not just from a visual and gameplay stance but also from a technical and community-focused one. It's hardly a demo — Arma Reforger will contain enough content to be considered its own game — but it will allow both Bohemia Interactive and the playerbase to get to grips with the future of this expansive and tightly-held franchise.

Arma Reforger is currently in Early Access on PC (via Steam) and Xbox Series X, priced at around $30.

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