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ARMS leak highlights more potential fighters

August 07, 2017 1 min read

Nintendo has explained that they're going to be pulling a Splatoon with Arms in the foreseeable future. In short, that entails free updates that add in more content like potential stages, extra pieces of gear (Arms) and characters. We've already got the boss, but a datamining effort has uncovered nine more names that could arrive in Armsat some point.

That list includes Chain, Coil, Plant, Robo, Scroll, Sumo, Surprise, Sweet, and Twintale. Note that these aren't the word-for-word names as existing fighter Byte and Bark is referred to as "Police" in that same file dump. Also, as astute people are pointing out in the data thread, the 1.1 update pared this list down to/added Coil, Shaman, Tarzan, Lady, and Sweet.

Either way more characters seems like a given! They probably don't want the roster to become too bloated due to the eSports angle, but still.

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ARMS leak highlights more potential fighters screenshot