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Arowana Mall map returns to Splatoon 2 tonight

February 01, 2018 1 min read

The Arowana Mall map, popularised in the original Splatoon, is reopening for business back in the Nintendo Switch's arena-shooter sequel, Splatoon 2, this evening.

Arowana depicts an empty shopping district, ready for redecoration by teams of trigger-happy squid-kids. The news of its return has been met with raised eyebrows by some fans, who tremble and speak in hushed tones of its chokepoints and bottlenecks, perfect for camp-happy snipers and sprinkler setups.

I never played the original game, so this is news to me, but maybe some of you versed in old Splatoon maps will remember the nightmares that these players are referring to. Regardless, new (old) content is always welcome, and you can expect Arowana Mall to open its doors around 18:00 PT tonight, with Europe and Japan to follow early tomorrow.

Third floor: Household, Sporting Goods and the bitter taste of defeat.

Arowana Mall map returns to Splatoon 2 tonight screenshot