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As a dad I couldn't be more excited about Nintendo Labo

January 18, 2018 1 min read

My son, Asher, was born almost three years ago on February 23, which happens to be my own birthday (send gifts). I've been waiting all these years to play video games with him. I mean, he can watch me play video games right now, and loves when I ride my motorcycle into bad guys in Breath of the Wild, but he doesn't really engage with them yet. This is mostly because his tiny little hands can't really understand the controls. 

This kills me. I want to play video games with him, but I also want him to be engaged with that gameplay instead of passively watching -- and eventually having him give up on watching and start having my amiibo battle it out on the floor, while I try to resist telling him that those aren't toys and please stop chipping the paint... Oh god, why do I let him touch anything?

The point is that the tactile is still everything to him, and I kind of love that. It makes me play more as well, ditching the controller to build THE TALLEST LEGO TOWER EVER! I just wish video games could be part of that, and now, thanks to Nintendo Labo, they can be.

As a dad I couldn't be more excited about Nintendo Labo screenshot