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As the Smash line comes to a close, here's an amiibo availability recap

May 04, 2017 1 min read

In the past year and change, Nintendo has drastically improved their amiibo production process. It might be due in part to a lack of interest, but either way pretty much every single figure was readily available in the US when it launched in 2016. It was a stark contrast to the year before, where nearly everything was sold out, even the most common of characters.

But Nintendo is content with screwing things up again, having the rest of the Smash line go out with a messy bang. Store exclusives are back with a vengeance, and in addition to Amazon's feet dragging on their figures, several others have completely sold out online. Consult the list below for an update on what's available.

So what are your options if you already missed out? You can import of course. I've used Ami Ami in the past as well as PlayAsia with very little in the way of stress, but there are many more tools at your disposal like other Amazon regions (which you'll have to sign up for individually). You'll have to pay a markup of course, but for some figures that may never be restocked it's better than nothing (ha, remember that Mighty No. 9quote?).

I'm considering importing the two Amazon exclusives if nothing is announced soon. Other than that, I'm set!

As the Smash line comes to a close, here's an amiibo availability recap screenshot