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At five bucks, I can't turn down Doom 64 on Switch

February 21, 2020 1 min read

While many of us are planning to play as much Doom Eternalor Animal Crossing: New Horizonsas possible on March 20, 2020, some fans are going to spend the busy day hunting down Mother Demon in Doom 64. Nightdive and id Software's port of the Nintendo 64 game is also launching on March 20, and per a listing on the Nintendo Switch eShop page, it will only cost $4.99. That's a nice surprise!

Of course, if you're pre-ordering Doom Eternalon PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, you'll get a free copy of Doom 64 – for the same platform – as a bonus. But for people like me who want Doom 64on Switch and Doom Eternalon anything else, the standalone price matters. (It's also worth remembering that, following a delay, Doom Eternaldoesn't have a new release date on Switch.)

Just last night, I was debating whether I should buy DoomandDoom IIagain on Nintendo Switch for no particular reason. I'm still on the fence – I've got too many other games competing for my time right now as it is – but Doom 64? Yeah, I'm gonna want Doom 64, and I'm going to want it on my Switch.

If you saw the classic box art plastered all over but never bothered to buy or rent Doom 64 back in the day, a friendly heads-up: the game is its own thing. The story, levels, sprites, and lighting are new!

Any time a Nintendo 64 game like this can make it onto modern platforms, I'm stoked.

At five bucks, I can't turn down Doom 64 on Switch screenshot