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Atlus has opened a European publishing division

August 24, 2017 1 min read

Publishers Atlus have established a new division in London, U.K. to handle European distribution of their titles going forward, the company announced today.

Operating out of Sega Europe's offices, the new team will work to ensure that, alongside smooth distribution of Atlus products in the continent, efforts will be made to ensure limited edition releases for their games will also be made available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Previously, Atlus titles have been distributed in Europe be other publishers, such as Deep Silver and NIS America. Hopefully this new division will allow Atlus swifter and more cost-efficient control over their new releases globally.

"It is a strong example of the growth we are experiencing as a company," says PR manager Jacob Nahin. "Publishing in Europe is simply the next step for us. What this means initially for fans is a parity for launch and premium editions."

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