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Baldur's Gate 3 is gonna be a damn good time

February 27, 2020 2 min read

What does Baldur's Gatelook like through the lens of Divinity: Original Sin 2developer Larian Studios? Today, during an on-stage gameplay demonstration of Baldur's Gate 3 at PAX East, we found out.

First off, combat is turn-based – not real-time with pauses – and it's built after D&D Fifth Edition rules. It's also possible to start a turn outside of combat and do your thing in six-second increments.

"The save game system is broken, so that means that if I die, if it's a party wipe, I'll just have to restart," began Larian founder Swen Vincke. He warned that "combat is fairly high-stakes" in Baldur's Gate 3.

Later, during a turn-based combat encounter against a trio of Intellect Devourers, he missed multiple all-but-guaranteed arrow shots – we're talking a 90% chance – and was surrounded. The party wiped!

After speeding through the intro and getting back to the Overgrown Chapel, Vincke played smarter. He dipped his bow in fire, initiated turn-based mode outside of combat to sneak in, and had better positioning. It worked. But a moment later, while showing how players can move environmental objects to, "for instance, make stairs," he mis-clicked and stabbed his companion right in the face.

The pre-alpha demo was full of laughs, in a good way. It's exactly what you'd expect from Larian.

"All of the dialogues in the game – like literally all of them – have been performance-captured, voice-recorded, given the cinematic treatment," Vincke said. "And there hasn't been any compromise."

The PAX East demo was long and occasionally messy, but encouraging. The game looks great. I've captured a handful of exploration, combat, inventory, and character creation screenshots.

Baldur's Gate 3is "gonna be in Early Access in a couple of months. We don't know exactly when."

Baldur's Gate 3 is gonna be a damn good time screenshot