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Band of Bloggers: Resident Evil 4 and parasites

October 30, 2018 1 min read

[For this month's Bloggers Wanted prompt, Plaguemaniac3434 (aka Gamemaniac3434 during non-spooky seasons) writes about something pretty delightful and gross. With the recent announcement thatResident Evil 4 is coming to Switch, this seems like the perfect time to reflect on the campy, body horror of a true classic. - Kevin]

I suffer from a fear of certain things. This is natural, of course. Phobias aren’t exactly an uncommon human experience, and I imagine we all have at least one thing that terrifies us or makes our skin crawl. For many people, its heights. For most human beings who aren’t insane, it's spiders. The list goes on and on. And personally… one of my fears, or something that repulses me intensely, is parasites.

Band of Bloggers: Resident Evil 4 and parasites screenshot