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Batter up, Super Baseball 2020 hits Nintendo Switch today

February 08, 2018 1 min read

Remember when I covered this game before? It was my first ever news article for Destructoid. I said that American baseball is governed by the "MBA". How you all laughed at me. Well, look who's laughing now. Oh... it's still you.

At least I get to relive that embarrassment all over again, as Super Baseball 2020 has been re-released by retro-lovers Hamster, only this time on the Nintendo Switch. The 1991 Neo Geo game was part of SNK's wave ofย  "future-sports" titles. 2020 features cybernetically-enhanced players teleporting onto the diamond, while hapless fielders attempt to dodge landmines and utilise rocket-jump pads that are littering the playing area.

Gameplay is a little dated - which is pretty ironic considering it's set two years into our current future - but it can still provide some fun when played with a pal. Sadly, this release is lacking online support.

Super Baseball 2020
is available today for Nintendo Switch, priced at $8.

Batter up, Super Baseball 2020 hits Nintendo Switch today screenshot