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BattleTech lets you unload mech mayhem, XCOM style

June 01, 2017 1 min read

Developer Harebrained Schemes crowd-funded BattleTech in 2015 to the tune of nearly $2.8 million. It was a little less than both Shadowrun: Returns and Shadowrun: Hong Kong combined. That reward was probably earned, given that the preceding Shadowrun games turned out quite good, and that Harebrained Schemes' co-founder createdthe medium-spanning BattleTech franchise over 30 years ago.

You, my fellow gamehead, may know the franchise from the not-so-recent-wow-how-long-have-I-been-doing-this-job MechWarrior Online. I remember sitting (at 6' 2") in the back of a Mini Cooper and driving 45 minutes to, like, San Jose to preview that one. I was in the back because both other passengers were taller still, which also meant their seats were far back, and I'm pretty sure there were some vertical blinds or a kayak or some other stupid large object stuck back there with me. Anyways, our own Nic Rowen has written some would say obsessively about it in the years since.

BattleTech lets you unload mech mayhem, XCOM style screenshot