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Belated(?) E3 predictions of 202X!

July 05, 2020 1 min read

Is this late or is it too early? With the lack of an E3 this year, we're currently being drip-fed scattered live streams and announcements. Understandable in the face of 2020 being an utter hellscape. Still, it doesn't mean we can't look to the future or have predictions, or even divinations, and the Destructoid community is always glad to provide questions.

When we did this in the past, I would take on a Persona theme and do tarot readings. There will be a kind of tarot reading here, but we're switching the venue to Final Fantasy XIV since I'm a part-time Astrologian there, a soothsayer who divines the future through cards imbued with power drawn from constellations.

It's basically the same wheelhouse of Fruedian and Jungian themes as Persona, but I also leveled a Dark Knight steeped in Carl Jung's shadow integration concepts as well, so I'll let my dark side give some answers, too.

And then there is this little fella, The Great Serpent of Ronka. A divine being looked to for prophecy by the Ronkan people in times long past. He shall also give answers to your questions and totally did not have his answers written by Occams instead.

So let's see what the cards, my shadow, and this weird snake have to say.

Please don't sue us, Square Enix.

Belated(?) E3 predictions of 202X! screenshot