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Best 4th of July gaming desktop deals for 2017 starts at $480

July 04, 2017 2 min read

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency mining in vogue right now, prices of video cards have skyrocketed. It makes little sense this Summer to build a simple gaming rig with an in-demand GPU like the GTX 1070 or 1060 with prices at least $100 more than they use to go for (in some cases $300+ more than 'normal'). If you needed a new PC, however, there are some fairly good deals at Lenovo, HP, and GameStop this 4th of July. Similar to our laptop roundup earlier today, we've rounded up some of the noteworthy deals to check out.

The cream of the deals we're seeing are on 2016 gaming PCs the manufacturers are trying to clear off their warehouse shelves, Namely, Lenovo is trying to rid themselves of the Intel 6th gen processor equipped Y710 Cube, while HP is trying to clear out their Omen 870 with the same processor lineup. These machines contain the coveted GTX 1060 at a price well under $1,000 and hundreds off their original list prices.

Despite the decent prices on the GTX 1060 desktops, our top pick out of the group of eight desktop deals below is the Legion Y710 Cube gaming desktop with the Radeon RX 480 for only $689. You'll essentially get a VR ready rig for under $700, and if electricity isn't an issue - you'll even be able to mine back some of your purchase cost. Conversely, you can always opt for the Dell XPS 8910 mentioned above for $480 which can actually play some light gaming at low settings with the GeForce GT 730.

Even GameStop is in on the action with the CyberPowerPC Game Master series desktops. Their pricey GTX 1070 equipped machine is $150 off and now priced at $1,350 - about the price you could build for in the current inflated GPU market. The GTX 1060 machine with Ryzen 5 has gone cheap as well with a drop to only $750 making it one of the cheapest 1060 pre-built desktops on the market.

Update: Some deals below have now expired, we've stricken them out accordingly.





Best 4th of July gaming desktop deals for 2017 starts at $480 screenshot