Bethesda promises big quality of life changes for next Fallout 76 update

September 01, 2019 1 min read

I've been covering and playing Fallout 76 for nearly a year, and although it doesn't seem like it, Bethesa has been doing a pretty decent job of providing updates for the community on where the game is going next.

Sure the launch is a disaster, which makes the road map to fixing it in the future pretty easy to scrawl down on a paper napkin: but outside of the big free expansion-like updates that Bethesda has been doling out, there's been a ton of quality of life changes that have come.ย One such update is patch 13, which is coming soon for all platforms.

One big thing (and this is such a comedic Fallout 76 thing) is fixing a bug from a prior patch, including more disconnects, which is a huge drag. But outside of that, Vault 94 (the first raid) is getting buffed in some way (more rewards, XP, components), non-ballistic weapons are also getting armor penetration effects, mods are getting UI changes to better show their benefits (and how many you've unlocked), wires are going to be easier to place in your base (C.A.M.P.), crops are being fixed, and even more is teased in this preliminary rundown.

The next big thing is the Wastelanders update, which adds an "all-new main quest" (read: NPCs, it's finally going to be Fallout or Fallout-esque), new events, and "more features."

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Bethesda promises big quality of life changes for next Fallout 76 update screenshot