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Biomutant's Gamescom trailer looks...okay?

August 24, 2017 1 min read

The initial leak of Biomutant from last week had me a bit excited. While I'm not exactly big on anthropomorphic lead characters, I do love martial arts and kung fu films, so a nice open-world with those properties could have made for an intriguing setting. Sadly, this extended trailer from Gamescom doesn't show off the game in the best light.

I suppose this could be down to the game still being in development (and thus an early build), but this really doesn't evoke any kind of kung fu style that I was envisioning. It mostly just looks like Assassin's Creed or the Arkhamgames mixed with guns. At least it has a lot of color, which is certainly nice.

Biomutant's Gamescom trailer looks...okay? screenshot