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BioWare is already adjusting Anthem loot based on player feedback

February 28, 2019 1 min read

Not everyone is happy with Anthem, and a large reason for that is how the endgame is structured: specifically, the efficacy of the top level loot, "masterwork" items. There's been many discussions regarding the loot system and how it fails in comparison to say, Diablo's "Loot 2.0" revelation that handed out more impactful loot in droves following the miserly drop rates of the original game, and BioWare is firing back with some solutions.

BioWare has been using Reddit as their main base of operations, giving daily meaningful updates within the comment sections of the Anthem subreddit as well as fully fleshed out topics detailing where they're headed. It's a far cry from the "we're listening" mantra Bungie has espoused (and even failed at) for Destiny for nearly five years now.

Their plan is to make inscriptions (read: "rolls" on items, or stats/bonuses) more useful and eliminate redundant bonuses, as well as removing uncommon and common (white/green) useless drops entirely after you hit the max level cap of 30. They're also reducing the crafting requirements for masterworks from 25 embers to 15.

While that sounds like gibberish for those of you who don't play, this is basically a great start (considering that the update is being pushed this week) and a way to ensure that endgame loot matters more.

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BioWare is already adjusting Anthem loot based on player feedback screenshot