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Blast from the past: Destructoid's Mega Man Maker

June 17, 2017 1 min read

This little app was originally published during PAX 2008 during a panel we gave about how important it is to create original content when starting your own gaming site. The music was made by Dale North, and all of the sprite art by the multi-talented Jonathan Holmes.  

In the early days when Destructoid was a tiny Wordpress blog in the middle of nowhere. I would lose a lot of sleep trying to make oddities like this in hopes that someone would pause for a moment from viewing kitten photos and care about my little site. Sometimes it worked.

Unfortunately, the final build was lost in the anus of the Internet somewhere. This version I recovered is an internal build four versions before the finished product.  It is going to be buggy as hell and the epic credits are missing, but the basic functions work. 

Go play!

Blast from the past: Destructoid's Mega Man Maker screenshot