Bleeding Edge is running one last beta on March 13

March 06, 2020 1 min read

The final Bleed Edgeclosed beta is running from Friday, March 13 to Monday, March 16. Like before, Nina Theory is letting in Xbox Game Pass subscribers and players who pre-order the PvP brawler.

With only a few more weeks to go before launch on March 24, the studio also showed a wacky new character. Not unlike certain other animal-in-a-mech combatants, Mekko the dolphin is a ranged tank with a sonar gun, bubble shield, and the ability to create Safety Zones that generate armor and lifesteal.

Mekko can also attach a Lifeline to allies to take a percentage of their incoming damage, Surge forward to knock enemies around, and either send a Sonic Barrage as his super move or trap a foe in an Exclusion Bubble to disable them from the firefight until their teammates burst it open.

I can see how that would be really useful. I can also see how, like Hammond, I'd be terrible with Mekko. The vengeful dolphin will be playable within the "launch window," according to Ninja Theory.

Landslide, a new map set in Mexico, was also confirmed for the full version of the game.

Bleeding Edge Gets Even Bigger with Mekko and a Brand-new Map [Xbox]

Bleeding Edge is running one last beta on March 13 screenshot