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Bless you for having mod support, Final Fantasy XV

June 08, 2018 1 min read

Final Fantasy XVis the kinda game I want to see modders run wild in. Square Enix pledged official mod support for the PC version right after the port was announced, and now it's making good on its word.

If you're anything like me and you just want to see some silly mods, take it away on the Steam Workshop. If you're a creator or a tinkerer, Square Enix has extensive documentation right over here.

There's a mod that lets you trade out Ignis for Thomas the Tank Engine (the old chap is modder royalty, after all!), one that lets you erase Noctis and instead play as "a floating invisible camera," and an assortment of mods that incorporate weapons from Kingdom Heartsand past Final Fantasygames.

Baby steps. Things are going to get real weird real fast with these tools. You can find the Mod Organizer on Steam (under Tools) or download it here if you happen to own FFXVvia Origin or the Microsoft Store.

Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.24 and the Final Fantasy XV Mod Organizer [Steam]

Bless you for having mod support, Final Fantasy XV screenshot