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Bloggers wanted: Taking out the trash

July 02, 2018 1 min read

July is a month associated with patriotism, humidity and fireworks in some parts of the world but when it comes to video games, we all have a shared, special heritage -- a birthright, if you will -- and we can trace it all the way back to old tabletop games. Back in those days, kids would gather around maps and pewter figurines and imagine all sorts of amazing ways to shoot, blow up and incinerate Nazis.

Nazis are among gaming's most popular cannon-fodder and I think that's for good reason. You can pity zombies and potentially sympathize and seek diplomacy with a dragon, but Nazis and despotic, genocidal fascists have been a very real thing at points in our history and when assholes start fencing groups of people in and committing genocide, sympathy tends to go right out the window for said assholes. It's probably the reason we have so many fantasy or science-fiction versions of fascists as well, whether that's the latest set of imperials in a Final Fantasy game or stormtroopers in Star Wars.

Bloggers wanted: Taking out the trash screenshot