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Borderlands 3 buffs Legendaries and FL4K

October 10, 2019 2 min read

Borderlands 3's hotfixes have been sort of a bummer in recent weeks, mostly just nerfing exploits and overpowered character skills. It's good for game balance, but it's bad for absolutely melting bosses. The most recent hotfix, however, is almost universal good news.

Every Vault Hunter received some sort of buff or nerf-reversal that can be counted as a net positive. The range of Amara's Phasegrasp was doubled, which hopefully encourages players to use long-range weapons (and a miss instantly returns the skill with no cooldown). A bug with Zane's Death Follows Close ability makes it so kill skills correctly update -- essentially serving as a buff because, even though it now works as intended, it'll make him more powerful.

Moze is the only character whose changes are something of a mixed bag. Her Means of Destruction skill had its cooldown reverted from 2 seconds back to .3 seconds, so grenades will be returned much quicker again. However, Gearbox notes that it's unhappy with the infinite splitting grenades effect this can cause, and that it'll be addressed in a future patch. Also, Moze's Bloodletter class mod was tweaked so that the recharge delay is 150 percent slower, but the recharge rate is 50 percent quicker. 

Finally, fan favorite FL4K got some oomph back. Last week, the Leave No Trace skill (which has a chance to return ammo to the magazine on critical hits) was nerfed into oblivion. Gearbox put a 2 second cooldown on this skill, meaning a negligible amount of ammo would be affected. With today's hotfix, that has been reverted to .3 seconds. Now, Leave No Trace is again a wonderful complementary skill to Fade Away and Guerrillas in the Mist.

Lastly, Gearbox has taken care to adjust a handful of underused Legendary weapons so that they're more appealing. The Lob, Creeping Death, Carrier, and Gunerang all got significant damage buffs.

Here's the full list of patch notes from today's Borderlands 3 hotfix:

Borderlands 3 buffs Legendaries and FL4K screenshot